Eric Church has shared a glimpse of the opening track for his upcoming Desperate Man album, and the message behind the song is an allegory for the divisive two-party political system that is splitting the country apart. Readers can press play above to hear a snippet of "The Snake," the first track off the new album.

"Rattlesnake said to the Copperhead / Ain't no way they can win / Cause the mice are sheep / And the shepherd's asleep / And the copperhead said amen." Church knows that many country music listeners share the frustration that this song gives voice to, no matter their political affiliation.

“I believe most of them feel the way I do – regardless of their voter registration.” Church says of the current climate in a interview with Rolling Stone“Rattlesnake, copperhead / Either one of them kill you dead. / We stay hungry, they get fed. . . . And the whole world’s burning down,” the song continues.

“Some of this stuff you look at and go, ‘What the f--k? Why is this hard?’ ” The artist shares.  “Why can we not get infrastructure done? Why don’t we do more clean energy? Why are [prescription] drugs so expensive? Because it’s a lobbyist-based system. It’s a money-based system. Either way, we’re f-----d.”

Desperate Man is due out on Oct. 5, and Church has shared some or all of every song from the album except for the closing track, "Drowning Man." In addition to releasing the album's title track as a single, Church has shared snippets of "Higher Wire," "Some of It," "Hippie Radio," "Solid" "Jukebox and a Bar" and "Hangin' Around," as well as the full versions of "Heart Like a Wheel" and "Monsters."

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