Eric Church recently vanished from the public scene for 30 straight days -- so get ready for some new music from him in the not-too-distant future.

Ever since the success of his 2009 album, 'Carolina,' Eric has been a road warrior, touring as a headliner and joining major country tours including Country Throwdown. But on his recent respite, he holed up in the North Carolina woods with a few songwriters and got down to work on what will be songs for his next studio album.

"I spent a month up in the woods," Eric tells The Boot. "I was totally disconnected from everything. It was a little weird. I had to socially re-adapt myself -- but it made all the difference in the world to just relax and write. I was able to filter everything else out."

But Eric cautions fans shouldn't expect a new album before next year or perhaps even early 2012.

"it's such a long process for me. I'm just going to go in and out of the studio over the next year, pop in and pop out," says Eric, who notes his schedule for 2011 is already filled. "I just want to start it up and get it moving. People will hear new music [during concerts] late next year, but I don't think I'll be ready for a record by then."

In the meantime, Eric has plenty of shows planned, including a tour with Miranda Lambert.

"My fans are so passionate and, Miranda, her fan base is also very passionate, so it's going to be like gasoline," says Eric. "It will be an absolute explosion when you get what she does and what we do in the same room. Our fans go nuts in a good way."

Eric's next show is September 29 in New York City. For a complete list of his tour dates and cities, check here.