There was a massive outbreak of Eli Young Band fever in Houston earlier this month, as fans of the Texas country band crashed the server for Cox Media Group. It all started when KKBQ/Houston's Q Morning Zoo launched its Gridiron Invasion, offering an acoustic performance from EYB. In less than 24 hours, 180,000 votes jammed the company's server in Atlanta, leaving 86 radio stations, 15 TV stations and four newspapers under the Cox umbrella without email or Internet access.

"To be talking about things like this is pretty exciting, especially when we consider our world back when we started out just a few years ago," EYB's Jon Jones says. "180,000 in 24 hours – pretty humbling."

What makes this response even more interesting is that the group currently doesn't have any new music out. "The fact that more and more people keep participating in the things we do, whether we have a single on the radio at the time or not, just tells us that the fans keep telling more and more friends about us," Jon explains. "We love them for that."

Alas, the radio station was forced to shut down the promotion in order for Cox to regain service nationwide. "I've always known that the Eli Young Band is a big deal here in Texas, but this is ridiculous!" Cox Radio/Houston Operations Manager Johnny Chiang says. "I've taken what happened as a sign that if I don't play EYB a lot, then something worse will happen."

The band just finished up their next studio album with producer Mike Wrucke, who just took home for CMA Album of the Year trophy for his work on Miranda Lambert's 'Revolution.' The CD is expected in 2011, with its first single 'Crazy Girl' headed to radio February 14.

You can catch the Eli Young Band out on the road through much of December. They've got two stops in Las Vegas, Nev. December 1 and 2, followed by Columbia, Mo. December 3 and Kansas City, Mo. December 4. Details here.

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