Easton Corbin is the first solo country male artist in 17 years to have his first two singles go to No. 1, and he celebrated in style on Wednesday (July 13).

"These two songs going No. 1 has meant everything to my career," Easton told The Boot at a party hosted by his record label, Mercury Nashville, and BMI. "I really appreciate all everyone has done to help me make this happen."

After a luncheon featuring salads, shrimp, chicken and assorted desserts, Easton played an acoustic set of his two chart toppers, 'A Little More Country Than That' and 'Roll With It,' along with his latest hit, 'I Can't Love You Back,' for the invited guests, which included a number of the songwriters who contributed songs to his first album.

BMI executive Jody Williams spoke about Easton's abilities as a songwriter as well as a recording artist, pointing out that he had written or co-written several songs on his first CD. Universal Music Group's Ken Robold then thanked guests for joining in the celebration and presented Easton with a plaque commemorating his accomplishment.

"Thank you all for coming out today," Easton said before taking the stage with his producer, Carson Chamberlain, to play his hits. "I couldn't have done it without all of you."

Easton said that he was particularly happy that 'A Little More Country Than That' went to No. 1 because it helped introduce him to fans. Written by Rory Feek, Don Poythress and Wynn Varble, the tune describes all the ways a guy is country, from fishing in a creek to being sincere about love.

"'A Little More Country Than That' gave my fans a window into my life and gave them an idea of who I really am," Easton said. "The lyrics were something I could relate to and they were very real for me."

Easton is now working on his sophomore album.

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