Easton Corbin sees his single "Didn't Miss a Beat" as both a perfect fit for his career and the time in which he released it: during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The writing session, between Corbin, Brad Clawson, Shane Minor and Wade Kirby, flowed from the start, the artist recalls.

Below, Corbin shares the story behind "Didn't Miss a Beat," in his own words.

Well, that write consisted of Brad Clawson, Shane Minor, Wade Kirby and myself. Brad brought the melody to the room that afternoon, and we were all big fans of it right off the bat.

Once we all got talking, we knew ["Didn't Miss a Beat"] was going to be the title that worked for us. The chemistry was there, and I feel like the title fit into my career and story as well. The world is in this place where, as things open back up, and we all get back on the road, I’d like to be able to say we “didn’t miss a beat.”

The work tape had the same melody as the final track, but the magic really happens when you get the full band into the studio and allow the musicians add their own licks. I couldn’t be happier with how the band we brought in really added a freshness to the song that made it come alive.

The second verse and the chorus really speak out to me more than anything. Those two sections flowed incredibly well and ended up leading to a very smooth transition. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

The whole feel of the song felt right for me and where I am in my career right now. We would like for this song to represent a sense of normalcy that proves that once the world is able to get back to normal, we “didn’t miss a beat” and plan on bringing the music right back to the people.

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