Country stars released a wide variety of new songs this week, from lovestruck ballads to jaded rockers and everything in between. Read on to get acquainted with all the latest new songs in the genre, hot off the presses!

Dolly Parton, "Girl in the Movies":

The new Netflix movie, Dumplin’, features music from Dolly Parton, including the song "Girl in the Movies." The song is an inspirational track about building up the courage to follow your dreams, no matter how far fetched they may seem. Parton sings the song as the title character, Dumplin', but the song reflects the her own life story, too: “Up on the silver screen, I picture me / Living out my passions, hope and fantasies / I want to be the girl in the movies / The one with the glint in her eyes / The girl that seldom loses," she sings. Dumplin' will premier on Netflix on Dec. 7. -- CC

Devin Dawson, "Dark Horse": 

Devin Dawson has released the title track from his debut album, Dark Horse, as his latest single. “”Dark Horse” is more than just the title track of this body of work -- it’s the cornerstone, the glue, that tethered my entire debut project together,” explains Dawson in a press release. “These lyrics not only encapsulate exactly who I am, but who I believe everyone is, or at least as been, at some point in their lives. This song is truly the magnetic force between me and my fans and has resonated with them in ways I never knew were possible.” “Dark Horse” was penned by Dawson with help from Andy Albert and Andrew DeRoberts. -- CC

Jade Bird, "Love Has All Been Done Before": 

Jade Bird’s latest release is a fast-paced song about wanting more in a relationship. In the rock-infused “Love Has All Been Done Before,” Bird confidently sings about not being willing to settle: “You are good and you are pure / The angel knockin' at my door / But I need something, something more / 'Cause love has all been done before / And you are sweet and you are nice / Keep me calm and satisfied / But I need something, something more / 'Cause love has all been done before.” Bird is expected to release her full-length debut album in early 2019. -- CC

Josh Gracin, "Good for You":

Josh Gracin is doing his best to try and win a woman over in his new single "Good for You," trying to plead his case and convince her that he is the one she should be with. “So why don't you try me? / I won't burn you like a cigarette when you light me / I'll be the whiskey going to your head on a Friday / I'll be that high you can't lose and you won't want to,” Gracin sings. “More than likely / You're out there telling all your friends that you like me / But you won't give in / You just keep fighting / Like love is something bad to do / I know I'll be good for you.” "Good For You" was penned by David DeVaul and Robyn Collins. -- CC

Lacy Cavalier, "Cheating on U": 

Lacy Cavalier is getting personal in her new song "Cheating on U." In the vulnerable tune, Cavalier sings about the painful end her relationship met when her now-ex decided to cheat on her. Even so, she finds it difficult to move forward. Although they are no longer together, Cavalier admits to feeling like she is cheating on her one-time love when she goes out with someone new: “I wish I didn't feel like you're the one / Still it doesn't really feel like this is done / When I'm out here on dates tryna find new love (find new love) / Yeah, it's been a month or two / Since we said that we were through / So why does it feel like I'm cheating on you?” she sings.  -- CC

Chris Bandi, "Why I Don't Drink":

Chris Bandi's "Why I Don't Drink" is about taking responsibility for creating relationship pitfalls and not being able to let go once things are over. Bandi sings about realizing he is causing problems, especially when he is drinking: “I know that I call you / I get lonely and do something I shouldn’t do / That’s why I don’t drink.” Bandi penned the emotional song along with Kat Higgins. "Some of the best advice I ever received about writing songs was to try not to write a song,” Bandi explains in a press release. “Just tell the truth and say what you know. Being from St. Louis, what I knew wasn’t exactly songs about trucks or tractors. I knew about growing up, learning from your mistakes and relationships. Mostly, I learned what not to do.” -- CC

Austin Burke, "Slower": 

Austin Burke dials down the pace in his new song, "Slower," which follows his previous single, "Whole Lot in Love." The new track is a romantic reminder to take a break from the commotion and chaos of every-day life to spend time with the ones you love, and showcases how Burke's girlfriend helps him keep his priorities straight. "'Slower' is a song that sums up how all my dreams have come true, but how it's also been a crazy year trying to navigate all the changes that have occurred," Burke says in a press release. "Amidst the long hours and the grind of being out on the road, my girlfriend reminds me to slow life down once in a while. She puts it all into perspective, and that's what that song is about." Burke co-wrote the track alongside Jesse LaBelle and Ava Suppelsa. -- CL

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