Danielle Bradbery is working on her sophomore record, the follow-up to her eponymous debut album, and she tested out a brand-new song, "Room for Two," on fans in Atlantic City, N.J., on Saturday (Aug. 8).

During her set at the Superstar Theater at Resorts Casino, the singer asked the crowd, "Can I try some new stuff?" When they responded with cheers, she said, "I've been so excited to be able to do this, getting to write in two different places. I've been in Los Angeles and Nashville, trying to get it spot-on for you guys and for me. I'm so excited. It's the second project, and ... it's coming out soon. I promise."

With that, Bradbery launched into a heartbreaking mid-tempo song, "Room for Two." If there's anyone nursing a hurting heart and pining after a former lover right now, this song's for you. Press play on the video above to hear it.

"Room for Two" begins with Bradbery singing about a love that began after high school, and she admits that love either grows two people together -- or they grow apart. And in the instance of the song (and perhaps the singer's own experience), the latter happened.

"She loves you / And you love her / And I love you / And there's nothing I can do / 'Cause there's only room for two," Bradbery sings.

The 19-year old's larger-than-life voice explores its lower range in the tune's verses, but the chorus is all about her powerful pipes. With lyrics like, "It's hard to be forgotten / By the one you can't forget / And all that I remember / Is there's a bullet in my chest," Bradbery explores the tangle of emotions that comes when love is lost.

Though there's no word on when Bradbery's next album will be released, she'll be busy out on the road this fall, as she'll join the CMT on Tour trek, which will feature Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett as co-headliners.

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