The high temperatures and long days of summer may be gone, but Danielle Bradbery is saying hello to the season with the release of her new song "Hello Summer." The rising star has shared a music video for the brand-new track, as well as one for another of her new songs, "Potential."

In her "Hello Summer" video, which readers can watch above, Bradbery keeps things simple, forgoing a complicated storyline and focusing instead on her singing. In the clip, the artist performs the track in front of beautiful backdrops of forest, fog and colorful flags.

"Hello Summer" was originally penned by Thomas Rhett, the Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston and Rhett Akins for one of Rhett's own albums; however, the track ended up being adjusted to fit a female voice.

“He felt like the song could be re-written with a female perspective, and so I sat down with his dad Rhett [Akins], and he re-wrote some of the lyrics to fit my voice," Bradbery explains in a press release. "[Thomas Rhett's producer] Julian [Bunetta] agreed to produce it, and I'm so proud of how it turned out. It's one of the few I didn't co-write myself, but I feel it really speaks to the same emotional theme of the record and pushes the boundaries sonically into new territory for me.”

"Potential," meanwhile, was written by Bradbery, Johan Lindbrant and Emily Weisband. The song captures how it feels to be in love with how someone could be, rather than who they really are; readers can see its music video below.

“When I wrote it, [Weisband] threw out the idea that ‘I’m not in love with you, but with your potential,’” Bradbery explains in a press release. “Our jaws dropped to the floor. It’s a beautiful but sad meaning people can relate to immediately … So we kept it as simple as possible and reflective.”

Both "Hello Summer" and "Potential" come from Bradbery's soon-to-be-released sophomore album, I Don't Believe We've MetThe record is set for release on Dec. 1, following a four-year wait since her freshman disc. The time between albums has given the singer time to hone herself as an artist, and she says she's excited for fans to hear her progression.

“I am more than ready to re-introduce myself with music that is true to my story and my sound after diving into the writing process over the past four years,” Bradbery says. “With I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, I got the opportunity to work with amazing writers and producers that brought out my unique style and allowed me to tap into so many different influences. This is the beginning of a new chapter for me, and I am so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve made.”

Pre-order information for I Don't Believe We've Met is available via iTunes and Amazon.

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