To rise to the top in almost any industry these days, you have to be on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are key in helping wanna-be stars build their fan bases and connect with their audiences. And although it works slightly differently than the others, Snapchat is important, too.

Snapchat -- a photo- and video-sharing platform on which the media that users send out disappear after viewing -- is a little less populated than those "Big Three" social media platforms, but there are still plenty of country artists who use it. These country star Snapchatters use the system to share selfies, give fans a look behind the scenes or just show their silly side.

So, who should country music fans be following on Snapchat? The more, the better, we always say -- but these 10 artists are The Boot's must-follows.

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    Reba McEntire

    Snapchat Handle: rebamcentire

    McEntire is a strategic Snapchatter: She uses the platform to give fans perks such as behind-the-scenes footage and extras. She may not be the most prolific user, but she’s been known to check in from awards shows, too!

    Mike Coppola, Getty Images
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    Dan + Shay

    Snapchat Handle: danandshay

    Dan + Shay take Snapchat to the next level: They use its Snapchat Stories feature like experts. They also share links when their work pops up on other Snapchat accounts.

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    Keith Urban

    Snapchat Handle: keithurban

    Urban lets his friends and fellow stars borrow his account from time to time, which is an awful lot of fun. Like other Snapchat users, he uses his other social media channels, such as Twitter, to promote his Snapchat account and entices future followers with promises of “exciting things” they won’t want to “miss out” on.

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    Maren Morris

    Snapchat Handle: maren_morris

    Morris and Brett Eldredge (he's on this list, too) once took over Urban’s Snapchat account while he was on tour. If he trusts her with his entire account, then she must be a worthy Snapchat follow herself!

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    Easton Corbin

    Snapchat Handle: EastonSnaps

    Follow Corbin on Snapchat and you’ll get a little bit of everything: You'll see him recording music, playing music and, more often than not, taking followers along on his adventures. The singer's been known to post selfies and pictures from the gym, too.

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    Chris Young

    Snapchat Handle: ChrisYoungMusic

    Young uses Snapchat like a lot of us do: to document the mundane details of his life ... and the not-so-mundane ones, too, such as prepping backstage for shows or thanking his fans after a concert. He recently posted a video of himself backstage at the Opry.

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    Jake Owen

    Snapchat Handle: BarefootJake

    Owen was an early adopter of Snapchat -- at least, earlier than a lot of his country music peers. In 2012, he asked his Twitter followers to let him know who used Snapchat and mentioned that they should follow him. Owen will also send Snaps directly to his fans sometimes, so it’s worth following him for that alone.

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    Luke Bryan

    Snapchat Handle: LukeBryan

    Bryan is another star who loves using Snapchat to the benefit of his fans. He provides everything from behind-the-scenes footage from shows to free tickets to upcoming concerts -- and if that’s not enough to make you follow him, there are also plenty of selfies (and shots with his wife, Caroline).

    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images
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    Kelsea Ballerini

    Snapchat Handle: kelseaballerini

    Ballerini is obsessed with Snapchat -- just ask her. In May of 2015, she tweeted, “Obsessed with Snapchat. Follow me!!” The singer is a master of the selfie, but she also uses the platform for fun, music-related perks, such as when she offered her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her Opry debut.

    Rick Diamond, Getty Images
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    Brett Eldredge

    Snapchat Handle: bretteldredge

    Eldredge is basically the king of Snapchat: He Snaps all the time, everything from videos of himself singing to clips of himself playing ridiculous games that he's made up -- and there are lots and lots of selfies.

    “I’m just a regular guy who likes to live life in a crazy way, and I capture that crazy life on Snapchat,” Eldredge explained to The Boot and other reporters in 2016. “I want everybody to feel like they’re along for the ride, because they’re the reason I get to do this. So I bring them in, peel back the curtain and say, ‘Let’s party.’”

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