Is there anything more fun than scrolling through Instagram photos of your favorite country artists? It's constant entertainment, whether you check it first thing in the morning, or during an afternoon slump for a pick-me-up. You can peek into snippets of different stars' lives, seeing everything from Kacey Musgraves' colorful manicures to the celebrities Reba McEntire is hanging out with, plus ultra-cute pictures of Jake Owen's daughter.

The Boot (@thebootdotcom, if you'd like to give us a follow!) has rounded up the country singers that are must-follows on Instagram. If you're unsure who to follow, here's our list of the Top 10 Instagrammers in Country Music to get you started.

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    Cassadee Pope


    One of our favorite things about Pope is this: She doesn't hide her makeup-free face behind a million filters. She often posts photos of herself sans cosmetics -- or even donning a Proactive face mask -- in an unapologetic, real, relatable way. Of course, Pope isn't shy about sharing her red carpet photos or glamorous stage outfits either, and she's definitely the owner of great genes, but she's refreshingly honest about who she is, making her a prime follow.

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    Jake Owen


    There have been a whole lot of country babies born over the past few years, but Owen's little girl Pearl takes the cake for cuteness -- especially in this video of her going fishin' with daddy. If that isn't a reason to jump onboard Owen's Instagram train, we don't know what is. He shows off his lovable, goofy, laid-back personality and shares videos and pictures of his gorgeous wife, days on the golf course and some pretty funny commentary.

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    Sam Hunt


    Hunt may be a newcomer to country music, but the former college quarterback has almost 100,000 followers -- and for good reason. Who wouldn't want to see his face on their Instagram feed every morning? He doesn't share much of his personal life, but we're not complaining; his attractive physique is enough to generate swoons all across the Internet, and he occasionally throws in a throwback picture, leading us to believe Hunt was the cutest little boy of his time.

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    Reba McEntire


    McEntire has been around country music for a long time, but that doesn't make her technologically inept in the least. The sassy redhead is a faithful Instagramer. She frequently posts photos with other celebrity friends, but one thing we really want to see from her? Pictures of her granddaughter River Rose, Kelly Clarkson's adorable baby.

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    Jason Aldean


    Aldean is bold on Instagram: He called out the haters of his relationship with Brittany Kerr, simply saying, "It's time to move on people." He's not afraid to state his mind, and it shows in his Instagram activity. Plus, his love for all things trucks, beer and hunting infiltrate his page, and what's more fun than seeing a fan-favorite country star with a buck he just shot?

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    Lady Antebellum


    Lady A is one of the two country groups to make this list, their well-rounded approach being a main reason. The Grammy-winning trio has a top-notch grasp of what Instagram is for -- sharing life in images -- and they do just that. Concert photos, tour bus fun and even personalized cupcakes make their way onto the trio's account. They're also clever in using it for business, like when they posted lyrics to 'Bartender' in small snippets before the release date, heightening the anticipation.

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    Jana Kramer


    We're wondering if former fiance Brantley Gilbert follows Kramer on Instagram ... because girl's got a serious amount of pictures with #love as the hashtag. But it's not just romantic love: Her new single 'Love' dropped this past summer, and the singer uses the song's title for anything she loves, whether it's hanging with her girls, laying on the beach, playing with kids in Honduras or posing with fellow country star Brett Eldredge.

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    The Band Perry


    Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry are all extremely photogenic, and we're totally jealous of their gene pool (and their hair). Not only that, but they actually really seem to love hanging out together, and the trio posts many a photo drinking lattes, eating donuts, tearing up the stage and even enjoying the Bahamas ... all together. It's inspiring to see such a tight-knit family. And, throwbacks with photos like this one are too adorable for words.

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    Taylor Swift


    Yes, Swift also made our Top 10 Tweeters list. But she's a social media aficionado, and Instagram is no exception. Count on her to share lots of pics with fans, funny and cute photos of her two cats Meredith and Olivia, snaps of delicious baked goods (that she makes herself!), her song lyrics ... and the list goes on. She's probably one of the most consistent celebrity Instagramers, and her legion of over 12.5 million followers are grateful for her consistency -- and the ability to see into her charmed, busy and always-entertaining life.

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    Kacey Musgraves


    Colorful, quirky and inspirational: That's what Musgraves' Instagram is all about. You never knew you needed a pair of sparkly sunglasses or turquoise glitter eyeliner until now, did you? Her 26th roller skating birthday party (with pal Katy Perry), her sister's wedding cake and recently used emoticons are just the tip of the iceberg. The 'Follow Your Arrow' hitmaker certainly does just that on Instagram, and that's why we adore her, giving her the No. 1 spot on this list. Who else would post their diary entry from 1997, admitting they got spanked for their C-rated conduct at school?