Brett Eldredge spends a lot of time looking at his phone -- but not because he's texting or talking. The "Wanna Be That Song" singer frequently posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (brett_eldredge), as a way to stay connected to his fans.

"Fans give me a reason to do what I do," Eldredge recently shared with The Boot and other reporters. "I love that people want to check in with what I’m doing, what kind of music I’m making and my regular daily life."

Eldredge's current favorite method of communication is Snapchat, which allows him to post as many photos and videos he wants, all of which will disappear after 24 hours. The ability to keep adding new content is perfect for someone like Eldredge, who is constantly thinking and planning.

"I’m just a regular guy who likes to live life in a crazy way, and I capture that crazy life on Snapchat," he explains. "I have a really random mind, and somehow, they don’t think I’m insane, and if they do, I guess they just keep coming back and watching more.

"I guess it’s a way I can bring everyone along for the ride. I know not everybody can come to every show; maybe they can’t make it to any of the shows," Eldredge adds. "I want everybody to feel like they’re along for the ride, because they’re the reason I get to do this. So I bring them in, peel back the curtain and say, ‘Let’s party.’"

A list of all of Eldredge's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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