Cole Swindell has shared the album artwork and track listing for his upcoming sophomore album, You Should Be Here, and fans will be excited to learn that there's a special collaboration among the record's songs.

You Should Be Here kicks off with a song named "Flatliner" -- and the tune features Dierks Bentley. The project's first single, its title track, comes about halfway into the disc, which features a total of 14 songs, including two bonus tracks. A complete track listing for You Should Be Here is below; Swindell shared the news through his social media accounts on Sunday (April 3).

"You Should Be Here," which Swindell co-wrote with Ashley Gorley, recently hit No. 1 -- his fifth straight chart-topping song as an artist and his eighth overall No. 1 as a songwriter. The song was inspired by Swindell’s late father, who passed away unexpectedly while his son was out on his radio tour in July of 2013.

“It’s, by far, my favorite song that I think I’ve written,” Swindell tells The Boot. “I think that’s why I moved to Nashville, is to write a song like this. Just growing up, loving ‘90s country music, there were songs that touched me. There were fun ones, but there were also the ones I could relate to, and I think this is going to be that song when people get to hear it.”

Swindell's second album will have a lot to live up to, following the success of his debut project. Fortunately, he has someone to keep him level-headed: his mother.

“If I start putting too much pressure on myself, that’s something my mama is there to help with,” Swindell explains. “She’s like, ‘Cole, it’s been so good. You know it’s not always going to be like that!’ And I’m like, ‘I know, mama, that’s why I’m trying to enjoy it!’”

You Should Be Here is set for release on May 6. It is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Cole Swindell, You Should Be Here Track Listing:

1. "Flatliner" (feat. Dierks Bentley)
2. "Middle of a Memory"
3. "Broke Down"
4. "Home Game"
5. "Up"
6. "Part Wasn't Over"
7. "Stay Downtown"
8. "You Should Be Here"
9. "Stars"
10. "Making My Way to You"
11. "No Can Left Behind"
12. "Remember Boys"
13. "Hoppin'" (bonus track)
14. "Gettin' Forgotten" (bonus track)

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