Cole Swindell has revealed plans for his sophomore album. The singer's second project, You Should Be Here, is scheduled for release in May.

You Should Be Here is set to make its debut on May 6. The follow-up project to Swindell's self-titled and gold-certified debut album, which was released in February of 2014, takes its name from its lead single, written in memory of the artist's father, who died unexpectedly in July of 2013.

“It’s, by far, my favorite song that I think I’ve written,” Swindell says of "You Should Be Here," written by Swindell and Ashley Gorley. “I think that’s why I moved to Nashville, is to write a song like this. Just growing up, loving ‘90s country music, there were songs that touched me. There were fun ones, but there were also the ones I could relate to, and I think this is going to be that song when people get to hear it.”

An album cover and track listing have not yet been released for You Should Be Here, but Swindell will have a lot to live up to following the smash hit that was his debut project. Fortunately, he has someone to keep him level-headed about his success: his mother.

“If I start putting too much pressure on myself, that’s something my mama is there to help with,” Swindell explains. “She’s like, ‘Cole, it’s been so good. You know it’s not always going to be like that!’ And I’m like, ‘I know, mama, that’s why I’m trying to enjoy it!’"

“You Should Be Here” is available for download now via iTunes.

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