Country stars released a colorful variety of music videos this week, from a story-laden concept video to a mini-movie that digs deep into self-love and self-worth. Of course, if you're looking for something a little lighter, one country singer kept it fun and feisty with attention-grabbing '70s imagery. Read on to find your new favorite music video! 

Cole Swindell, "Somebody's Been Drinkin'"

The music video for Cole Swindell's single "Somebody's Been Drinking" follows a couple in the aftermath of a breakup, when a few shots at the bar lead to some reminiscent text messages. As the drinks trigger a conversation between exes, time progresses through an evening and negotiations for a reunion begin. Drinks with friends don't drown the regret of a relationship's end. At the end of the video, series of flashbacks leads to the question, "Why did we ever break up?"

Jade Bird, "Uh Huh"

Jade Bird gives an intense multi-dimensional performance in the music video for her latest song, "Uh Huh." The driving, angry tune plays out against '70s psychedelic rock style imagery, directed by Kate Moross. “This is the second video I’ve made with Moross, and it is a snapshot of who I am as an artist, performer and young woman." Bird says in a press release. "It shows the feisty energy I’ve been dying to share.”

Lauren Duski, "Costume Party"

Lauren Duski takes a look at the reality of self-love and what real beauty means in the music video for her poignant song "Costume Party." The country up-and-comer uses footage from her fans across the country as they share their moments of honesty and openness. "The letters from my fans really inspired me to say something this vulnerable in a song. People shared stories and vulnerability that I could've never imagined. So it only felt right to have them all join me in the video. "Costume Party" is for them,” Duski shares in a press release.

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