Earlier in 2021, when he announced plans to put out a double album in the fall, Cody Johnson promised fans that he'd share two new tracks per month leading up to the project's release day. Now, he's continuing to make good on that promise, putting out "God Bless the Boy (Cori's Song)" and "Stronger" as his two new tracks for the month of July.

The former track is Johnson's ode to Cori, one of his two daughters. In its lyrics, the singer thinks ahead a decade or two, imagining the day that his daughter brings a boyfriend home to meet her parents and reflecting on who that boy might be.

"I hope his daddy is teaching him how / To shake my hand and look me in the eye / And takin' him fishin' and bustin' his butt / When he ain't actin' right," Johnson sings in the second verse. "I hope he's in every prayer his momma prays / And learns to work for every dollar he gets / And has a sense of humor / Gonna need it for a girl like this..."

Though "God Bless the Boy" is uniquely personal to Johnson and his family, he actually didn't have a hand in writing in the track; rather, songwriters Barrett Baber, Terri Jo Box and Scott Sean White collaborated on the song. Meanwhile, Dustin Miller, Jared Elledge and Johnson's producer, Trent Willmon, wrote the singer's other July release, "Stronger."

Like "God Bless the Boy," "Stronger" is an ode to a special woman — but in this case, it's the singer's homage to his partner, a woman whose strength and toughness dwarfs his own.

"But I ain't half as tough as what I'd have you thinkin' / If you really knew her, you'd know I'm the weak one," Johnson sings. "She's like a lighthouse standin' in the path of a mad hurricane / Her kind laughs at the lightning and dances around in the rain / When I'm at the end of my rope and I don't know if I can hold on / She's stronger ..."

The two new tracks follow "Til You Can't" and "Longer Than She Did," which Johnson dropped in June. He'll continue to roll out his monthly two-pack of songs through September, leading up to his album's release.

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