Clint Black says he had a talk with Trace Adkins, a former 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant, before he went to New York City to tape the show this year.

"He gave me some advice, but I can't repeat it," Black says with a laugh.

Despite a few unkind words from other contestants and a run-in with comedienne Joan Rivers, Black has remained a constant on the NBC reality show. He says he's almost as surprised as the viewers by each episode. "Once it's all over and I see how it went, I'll be able to talk about it," he explains. "I'm like the viewers; I don't see a lot of what happens. Plus they shoot so much, I don't know what they're going to use or how they're going to use it."

Black joined the 'Apprentice' cast to help raise money for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.. He says that, like Adkins, he plans to hold onto his integrity throughout this season.

"I am not willing to do whatever it takes to win," the Texas native says emphatically. "My expectations were low enough that I thought I'd try and enjoy it and make sure I maintain my own character and my own principles ... Some of the people on the show were quoted as saying they'd do what it takes to win, and that made me realize that I wasn't willing to do anything to win. It's a game and it's a TV show."

This Sunday, Black and his team KOTU (Kings of the Universe) will complete the task of setting up an auction to sell a line of jewelry designed by Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka. The new show will air at 9 PM ET.