The wildly popular CMA Songwriters Series is heading overseas, visiting England and Ireland for the first time in February 2012. Clint Black, Bill Anderson, and Bob DiPiero will perform in London, Belfast and Dublin as part of the popular showcase that spotlights Nashville's songwriting scene.

"I think it's great," Bill says of his upcoming gig. "I've toured there several times as an artist and have always been amazed at the fans' depth of knowledge concerning country music. This will be my first time appearing as a writer. I have a feeling that I'll find great interest in how the songs are created, as well as performed."

Clint, who has penned all 13 of his No. 1 singles as an artist, jokes about the intimacy of the shows. "It's as close to sitting around with a bunch of songwriters as you can get without sitting around with a bunch of songwriters," says the 'Spend My Time' singer.

Bob, a CMA Board of Directors member and creative force behind the inception of the series at Joe's Pub in New York City six years ago, is equally as excited about the expanding audience of country music. "When we began the series in 2005, I never dreamed it would include such an honor as being asked to perform in England and Ireland," says the 'Southern Voice' songwriter. "These CMA Songwriter shows are one-of-a-kind performances by some of the very best songwriters and storytellers on the planet. I've never seen a more honest, authentic, entertaining musical performance anywhere. When I get to perform with icons such as Bill Anderson and Clint Black, I feel like a fan with the best seat in the house."

The next CMA Songwriters series at Joe's Pub is scheduled for Dec. 18, with Bob, Rivers Rutherford ('Real Good Man'), Leslie Satcher ('When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues') and Tim Nichols ('Like Like You Were Dying'). Click here for more information.

Watch Clint's 'Spend My Time' Video

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