Although the majority of 2020 has been a swirl of upheaval and unprecedented new normals, it's hard to deny that the year has brought forth some moments of simplicity and opportunities to pause and strip down. A good example comes in the form of a new music video from Chris Stapleton for “Starting Over,” which showcases everything great about the Grammy-winning singer and his pure approach to music.

In the clip, Stapleton is shown simply playing his guitar and singing in the studio, surrounded by friendly faces of fellow musicians (including his wife Morgane). There are no fancy edits, special effects or ... well, nothing like that, really. It's just the singer-songwriter and his own vibe, playing music straight from the heart.

The "Broken Halos" hitmaker wrote the gently rollicking song with Mike Henderson, one of the founding members of the SteelDrivers, and it was produced by Dave Cobb. "Starting Over" is the title track of his new album, eagerly awaited by fans and due out on Nov. 13.

"Starting Over" is Stapleton's first radio single since 2018. Starting Over will be his fourth studio album, following his 2015 debut, Traveller and 2017's From A Room, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Stapleton had big plans to be on the road this summer, playing another round of All-American Road Show dates, but the coronavirus pandemic forced him to postpone the trek until 2021.

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