One country star released a song to celebrate his brand-new, real-life engagement, and that's just the beginning of the exciting new music artists released this week. Read on to listen to the latest!

Chris Lane, "Big Big Plans":

Chris Lane is giving fans an intimate look into his personal life with his latest new song, "Big, Big Plans." The singer wrote the personal track for his now-fiancee, Lauren Bushnell, to play when he proposed. “She don't know I got some big, big plans / Build a little house out on some hand-me-down land / Find a little island where we go to get tan / I bet we take our kids down there one day," he sings in the song. "And I know she wouldn't mind if I / Did a little somethin' like find a flight / Overnight to paradise and leave tonight / And I'mma put a diamond on her hand.”

Sam Williams, "Gemini": 

Sam Williams, son of Hank Williams Jr., blends his mature vocal talent with poignant lyrics about the choice between good and evil  in his new song, “Gemini.” The track tells a tale about how people try to balance doing what is right and doing what is wrong. “Each word of “Gemini” is my truth straight from my heart. We’re highly motivated people, yet we walk a fine line between light and dark,” explains Williams in a press release. “I know I’m capable, but I also know I can burn out … “Gemini” is authentically different -- just like me." Williams co-wrote the song with Real Country winner Jaida Dreyer.

Sasha McVeigh, "Rock Bottom": 

Sasha McVeigh's newly released single, "Rock Bottom," tells a tale about finding strength in some of life’s most trying times. However, “”Rock Bottom” isn't strictly a song about heartbreak," says McVeigh in a press release. "It's about understanding that, sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom in life to realize what you have, and that it's those moments of utter despair that can shape us into the people we are. We all hit rock bottom, it's nothing to be ashamed of; if anything, it's empowering to know you survived it.” The British singer-songwriter recorded the song in Nashville with producer Mark Lambert.

Kelsey Waldon, "Anyhow":

In "Anyhow," Kelsey Waldon offers the encouragement to keep on going, instead of turning back due to apprehension or abandoning a project because of a lack of knowledge. Waldon sings, “When the fire burns low and the ash starts to glow / And a flame can’t kill the sorrow / Maybe ride it out, take the long way around / Don’t have to beg, steal or borrow.” "Anyhow" will appear on Waldon's upcoming fall release, White Noise / White Lines.

Parmalee, "Be Alright":

Parmalee’s version of “Be Alright,” originally by Australian artist Dean Lewis, is their newest single. The track talks about heartbreak, and the strength it takes to be able to walk away from a breakup when feelings are still involved. The chorus of the song is a conversation between friends: “I know you love her, man, but it's too late / It doesn't matter, put the phone away / It's never easy to walk away," the group sings. "Let her go, it'll be okay / It's gonna hurt for a bit of time / So bottoms up, let's forget tonight / You'll find another, and you'll be just fine / Let her go.” Parmalee’s “Be Alright” is headed to country radio on July 29.

Cody Johnson, "Nothin' on You":

Cody Johnson’s latest single might make listeners blush, as he sings about how everything else around him fails to compare to the woman in his life. “'Cause when you got nothin' on / There ain't nothin' wrong / Lovin' you all night long's all I wanna do,” Johnson sings. “I've seen the mountains high / I've sailed the ocean blue / But when you got nothin' on / Ain't nothin' got nothin' on you.” “Nothin’ on You” will hit country radio on July 22.

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