Chase Bryant's newest single, "Room to Breathe," is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and not just because it's a catchy tune. The song's accompanying music video was inspired by James Bond in the movie Casino Royale, complete with a hot car and a couple of martinis.

"I had a blast [filming the video]," Bryant tells The Boot. "It got to a point where they finally said, ‘Back off a little bit. Your facial expressions are literally him. The moves you’re making, your stunt ideas ...’"

The clip shows Bryant speeding down a busy Nashville highway, and features a surprise appearance by another country star (can you spot him?), who portrays a poker player in one of the video's casino scenes.

"When you’re driving a ’67 Chevelle 85 miles an hour down [the] Demonbreun [Street] Bridge, braking at 60, it was pretty cool," Bryant admits. "I had a great time. Everybody in that video is so fun. Lee Brice, who was in it, made a cameo. Everybody was great."

For Bryant, shooting the "Room to Breathe" music video was a chance for him to share one of his passions with his fans.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with James Bond movies," the singer explains. "I was on the bus one night watching Casino Royale, and I thought — how cool would it be to recreate the style of this movie and the attitude of James Bond into a music video?

""Room to Breathe” is a seductive sort of song about never wanting to leave a girl," Bryant adds. "I wanted to do something different and push the limits with this music video.”

"Room to Breathe" is available for download on iTunes.

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