Although Chase Bryant says that he gets a lot of inspiration from classic country music and artists, he's always been drawn to roots and rock music as well.

"I realized from an early age that I wanted to learn the root of music. When you listen back to the older stuff, that’s the stuff that generated from a rock background," he tells Deadline Detroit. "I wouldn't say that I wanted to be Bryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac or Tom Petty, but in my guitar playing, they have been a huge influence. At the same time, old-school country like Lyle Lovett has also influenced my music.

"We all have our own twist on country music," Bryant adds. "The one thing for me is that you don’t have to wear a cowboy hat to be country. You just have to tell the truth. I think that’s what makes country. You do your best rendition of who you are, and country music accepts that."

Bryant's current musical inspirations are equally eclectic, and he says that his taste is constantly evolving.

"I’m currently into some eclectic music that’s really vibe-y. I’m into [the] Tedeschi Trucks [Band] right now, a band called Small Black, a guy name Blake Mills and the band Augustana," he says. "That’s just kind of a mix-up of different people I’ve been into recently, but it’s always changing."

The Texas native kicked off his Take It on Back Tour on Jan. 30, with dates scheduled through April 3. After wrapping the tour, he'll join Tim McGraw on the road for his 2015 Shotgun Rider Tour. See a list of all of Bryant’s upcoming shows on his website.

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