They sing, they write, they entertain! But outside the spotlight, what hidden talents do country stars have? The Boot sat down with a few of your favorites to find out.

Heidi Newfield: This is going to sound kind of cocky, but I've been told that I'm a pretty good kisser! [laughs]

Ira Dean: I can belly dance. I'm a hell of a bartender, but that's a pretty common talent in the music business! [laughs]

Trent Willmon: I am officially, hands down, the absolute worst joke-teller in the world. It's a talent I inherited from my grandfather. I can forget the punchline to a knock-knock joke!

Steve Azar: I'm a coach for the fifth and sixth grade basketball league. We haven't won the championship yet, but we've always been in the hunt in the end. So far I've had a knack for winning!

Brady Seals: I can shoot a pretty good game of pool. I've always wanted to take it to the next level and actually practice to where I could shoot in some tournaments, but I've never really had the guts to do it.

Andy Griggs: I'm a big history buff. I bet you I could make a pretty decent history teacher.

Buddy Jewell: I can tie a cherry stem in a knot without using my hands.

Crystal Shawanda: I love to design clothes and jewelry. I will buy clothes from the store, rip them apart, and restructure them to where it's unique or add something to it. When I have time, I design and make jewelry.

Ray Scott: I am really good at cooking steaks!

Randy Houser: Grilling.

Emily West: I can do impersonations of people if I hang out with them long enough. (Watch Emily's Reba McEntire impersonation here!)