Ronnie Dunn recently took to his Facebook page to share what he feels is the real reason for the breakup of Brooks & Dunn.

The duo, who said at the time they announced their split in 2009 that the “differences, over the long run, are what make it work,” wound up in an online debate over the matter.

Dunn posted on Oct. 20:


To answer Dunn's questions, their last chart-topping hit as a duo was 'Play Something Country' in 2005, although their following nine singles each landed in the Top 20. Brooks took over American Country Countdown in 2006.

Brooks, who was recently named National Broadcast Personality of the Year by the CMA, fired off his own response to his former partner's cryptic post.

"This one really makes me sad pard - whatever you've got going on with with your attack on Radio now is certainly your business, but when someone said you'd implied that my hosting ACC had something to do with any lack of BnD success at Radio i didn't believe it - if you remember ABC not Cumulus signed me back in 06 - a big network, but every major network without exception carried the show though out our carrier - i sat down with you and asked you what you thought, and said i would never do it if you thought there was any chance it would not be good for us - you encouraged me to do so - it's been really fun for me - today our dear friend Reba called to congratulate me on winning the National Air Personality award - i was so excited, and then i read this - i cherish the years we made music and ran the road together -thanks to these fans we certainly got to live the dream."

Dunn, who released one solo album on Arista before parting with the label, clarified his remarks were not intended to slam Brooks.

"This is about the competitive environment of conglomerated radio.....nothing negative about the guy in the cowboy hat. Play Something Country was the last #1 B&D had. Kix taking over the countdown on a major conglomerate's network in a highly competitive environment was the beginning of the end for B&D."

Brooks posted one more time, stating, "!'ve always admired your singing and i think you've always been admired for being one of the best - not sure what all this is about - wish all our fans the best - this music was for you - thanks for the ride - let's a break on the hate - kb."

This is the first time Dunn has made this claim publicly, but he has been speaking out against radio conglomerates and the commercial music business for quite some time.

"You're about to see a new paradigm rise from the ashes, shortly," he said earlier this month. "The old school cats think it's suicide to buck the system. The system is corrupt."

Dunn is working on an album that he plans to release independently in November, as well as a gospel album. In addition to hosting American Country Countdown, Brooks also released his own album, 'New to This Town,' last year on Arista Nashville.