Country stars were gearing up for summer with the release of some scorching hot new tunes this week. Read on to get to know all your new favorite warm-weather jams! 

Brett Young, "Catch":

Brett Young's newest single is the bubbly, pop-inflected "Catch." The song creates a play on words out of its title, describing the surprise of being caught off-guard by a new romantic interest. "I thought that I would catch a buzz, catch a game / Catch up with the boys, the same old thing / Catch a cab back to my place / But then I saw your face," he sings. "Now you got me trying to / Catch you a ride, catch your name / Catch a spark and start a flame..."

"I think it's kind of normally the girl that goes out with her girlfriends hoping not to meet a guy or not to be bothered by guys, and we just thought it was kind of a fun twist on it -- the guy going out to spend time with his buddies, and ends up seeing a girl and the rest is history," Young tells Nash Country Daily. "And so it's a fun one for me, and the play on words with 'catch,' but also me having spent so much of my life playing baseball." Young co-wrote the song with Ashley Gorley and Ross Copperman. -- CL

Clare Bowen, "Let it Rain":

Clare Bowen’s "Let It Rain" is about finding the courage to accept what is happening and the impact that certain events will have on our lives. Bowen sings about letting everything go: “I guess I'm gonna let it rain / Water running down my face / Let it wash away / All the heartache and the pain / I've been losing everything / I never needed anyway / I've had all that I can take / Guess I'm gonna let it rain,” she sings. Bowen is the actor who portrayed Scarlett O’Connor on the TV drama Nashville. She penned "Let It Rain" with her husband, Brandon Robert Young, and Josh Kaufman and Wyatt Durrette for her debut album, due out this summer. -- CC

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, "Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)":

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real take an optimistic stance on activism and the world in the new track, “Turn Off the News (Build a Garden),” which features Sheryl Crow on backing vocals. “We’re trying to encourage lifestyle where people can be active in their communities, and do something constructive, rather than be glued to a device,” the singer explains in a press release. “It’s really about living your life with your heart leading the way.” The song’s subject matter is familiar turf for the group, who are also active in organizations such as Farm Aid ( a musical benefit initiative co-founded by Nelson’s iconic dad, Willie Nelson.) The track comes off of the group’s new album, which is set for release on June 14. -- CL

Leah Turner, "Blah Blah Blah": 

Leah Turner has had enough in her new single, "Blah Blah Blah." In the uptempo track, Turner sings about how over she is of all the empty promises in her relationship, and that she just wants her significant other to shut his trap. "All I'm hearing is your blah blah blah / You run your mouth, I'm saying nah nah nah / You say there's nothing you won't do for me / But I can't listen, I'm like la la la," she snarls in the song's chorus. "I'm standing up, and you're like nah nah nah / Your words mean nothing, they're just words to me / All I'm hearing is your blah blah blah." Turner tells Taste of Country that she wrote the country-meets-pop song after reflecting on her own life experiences while enjoy a few glasses of wine. -- CC

Travis Denning, "Tank of Gas and a Radio Song":

Travis Denning has shared a pulsing, reflective new track called "Tank of Gas and a Radio Song," which the singer co-wrote with Nathan Spicer and Shane Minor. The release follows "After a Few," his newest single. "This song has been one of my favorites since the day we wrote it, and easily one of my favorites to play live," Denning says of "Tank of Gas and a Radio Song." "I love that the title seems like it would be your stereotypical party song, but I think the approach of the lyrics will surprise people. I hope a lot of people dig this song this summer." -- CL

Tucker Beathard, "Find Me Here": 

Hot on the heels of his newest single, "Better Than Me," Tucker Beathard has released an introspective, intimate new track called "Find Me Here." According to a press release, the song represents a direct, frank conversation between the artist and his higher power.

"This song is my confession to the man upstairs," Beathard explains. "Because it's such a vulnerable, personal and emotional song, the only way to fully capture that when recording it was by waiting 'til about 3 AM. That way I could fully get into that headspace, while my voice was tired, as we recorded this as a live take with just me and a guitar." -- CL

Wade Bowen, "Yours Alone":

With the special vinyl release of 2018's Solid Ground, Wade Bowen is sharing a new song about true love. The previously unreleased "Yours Alone" was originally recorded while Bowen was working on Solid Ground, but didn't make the final cut.

"This song has always been on the back burner for me waiting for an album," explains Bowen in a press release. "I’ve loved this song since Sean McConnell and I wrote it. It was a tad too happy for the record for the original release, but I feel it was maybe the best song on the album.” Bowen continues about the warm song, “Sometimes we have to cut our favorites to make the album make sense. I’m glad this song is finally being heard by the world. [I] love the lyrics, and [it’s] maybe my favorite melody I’ve ever had the pleasure [of] writing." -- CC

Olivia Lane, "So Good it Hurts": 

Olivia Lane certainly isn’t signing about heartbreak in her latest single, “So Good It Hurts.” In the feel-good song, the singer lays out all sorts of praise for her man, who makes her feel amazing and hasn’t done her wrong. “This song is about being in a fantastic relationship for the last few years,” Lane explains in a press release. “Nobody cheated or didn't text back; it's simply about glorifying a great man and some good love. I want to be a person and artist who always celebrates love, especially self-love.” “So Good It Hurts” comes from an EP that will be out this summer and, Lane says, “explores my self-love journey and the man that I fell in love with along the way.” -- CC

Jim Lauderdale, "Some Horses Run Free":

Jim Lauderdale has shared a third song off of his upcoming release, Another World. "Some Horses Run Free" is a mid-tempo track about finding an idyllic place that remains untouched. "A long time ago, I decided that with each record, I would ignore the categories people tried to put me into and just make the music that was in my heart," says Lauderdale in a press release. "This album is about the search for connection, love and understanding between people, about finding empathy in a world where it feels like folks are more and more at loggerheads. When the world outside your window feels too tough to bear, I hope you'll step into the world we've created here." -- CC

Hannah Bethel, "Rhinestone Rodeo":

Hannah Bethel's "Rhinestone Rodeo" tells a story of pushing through struggle in attempts to achieve your dreams. The song, loosely based on Bethel’s life, was penned by the singer, along with Nicole Witt (of Farewell Angelina) and Tiffany Goss.

"I pitched the idea in writing sessions several times, but no one wanted to touch it until the first time that I wrote with Tiffany and Nicole. I was tired, burned out and unsure of where to go next," Bethel explains in a press release. "Everyone chasing a dream has a 'mountain' to climb. For me, Nashville has been my 'mountain.' There have been many seasons during my ten years in Nashville, some beautiful highs and terrible lows, but I am grateful for every experience that has made me stronger, wiser, more certain of who I am as an artist and a human, and more determined than ever to move forward with great joy and optimism in my heart." -- CC

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