Brett Eldredge will be playing his new hit single, "Don't Ya," for some pretty big crowds this Spring when he joins the Taylor Swift Red tour, which kicks off March 13.

The new artist says he's thrilled to be performing in front of Taylor's fans, and he definitely plans on taking notes each night when he's done and the superstar takes the stage to work her live show magic.

"Taylor is an artist unlike any other artist," Brett tells The Boot. "She is the real deal, and she has fans that are incredibly loyal to her and so passionate. They've grown up with her and they've told their friends, and now she has a hundred million more of 'em! But there's a reason she's that big. To be able to be a little sliver part of that show is really cool for me, and I'm so thankful for that opportunity to get up there and sing six of my songs or however long it is every night. I'll make some new friends and fans, and then I get to go sit out in front of the stage and watch her every night. She really is the cream of the crop of what she does, and the production of her shows are one of a kind."

Though he's played some big fairs and festivals, Brett says Taylor's stadium shows are a whole new ball game. He's ready and excited to take on the challenge.

"You have to alter your show a little to play to those size crowds. That's always been my vibe though, making sure the crowd is feeding off the energy of a show – and it's not even necessarily the tempo of the song, it's just if they're enjoying it and you're enjoying it, that's really all that matters. So I'm gonna go out there and do what I do and play the songs I believe they'll like, and if for some reason we need to switch it up, we will. But we've been on the road a lot, and I think the set list we've got will cater to her fans. I'll play my songs and get them dancing, hopefully."

Another thing Brett is looking forward to is some possible impromptu co-writing sessions with his fellow tourmates. As a writer who's had cuts by other artists such as Gary Allan, he loves the idea of meshing different musical worlds and writing with all sorts of different writers, eying one other opening act on the Taylor tour in particular.

"Ed Sheeran is awesome. I've never gotten to meet him, but I listen to his music and I'm looking forward to meeting him and possibly writing with him a little bit. Collaboration to me is the most special thing in the world, because they bring what they do to the room and you bring what you do, and you get to morph that into something ... It's like creating Frankenstein, you're really putting something together! [laughs]"