Brandy Clark has seen a lot of success with her recent album 12 Stories, but the singer has made a career out of writing songs for other artists as well. Whether she keeps them for herself or gives them away to someone else, Clark says she's always confident that her songs end up with the artists that they're supposed to be with.

“I feel like songs find the home they are supposed to find. I believe the songs I am going to record are the ones that nobody else is going to record," she tells the Niagara Gazette. "A song like "Take a Little Pill" was something that, when people heard it live, they asked when I was going to record it. I pitched it to a few artists, but nobody wanted to do it.”

But there are plenty of her songs that artist do want, and Clark says that seeing another artist record and play one of her songs live is a huge honor.

“It’s the highest compliment when someone else wants to record your song. Then, when they release it on an album and perform it every night, it’s an ever greater compliment,” she says. "Someone like Miranda Lambert gets pitched many songs, and since she is a great songwriter, only a few get selected. When you are selected for something like that, it’s incredible.”

Clark has penned or co-penned songs for Lambert ("Mama's Broken Heart"), the Band Perry ("Better Dig Two"), Reba McEntireLeAnn RimesBilly CurringtonDarius Rucker and Kacey Musgraves ("Follow Your Arrow").

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