Just when we thought they'd made nice ...

Brandi Glanville may have been recently photographed laughing with LeAnn Rimes, as the two watched her son (and LeAnn's stepson) play soccer, but the former model is still shopping her side of the story ... literally.

Brandi has written a tell-all book about surviving a very public, nasty divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian, along with the ups and downs of learning to be a single mother. We can only suspect that the pages will also detail some unflattering stories about LeAnn, who was caught having an affair with Eddie when he was still married to Brandi (and she to Dean Sheremet).

Brandi has apparently been shopping her book for a while now. "I did the book 2 years ago," she tweeted. The statuesque blonde finally has publishers interested, likely thanks to her 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' fame.

"I'm pitching in NYC in about a week," she posted Monday (March 12), the same day she also tweeted, "GIRL POWER advice of the day - Don't EVER be the 'other' woman!!!!"

Looks like the water hasn't quite made it under the bridge after all.

As for LeAnn, the country superstar will celebrate her one year wedding anniversary with Eddie this April. On the heels of the critical success of her covers album, 'Lady and Gentlemen,' the singer is now back in the studio working on new music. She hopes to have her next album out later this year.

Watch a Report on Brandi's Book

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Brandi Glanville Writing A Tell All About Eddie Cibrian & Leann Rimes Affair

Watch LeAnn's 'Give' Video

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