Brad Paisley's new song "Off Road" celebrates a woman with grit. The mid-tempo, Telecaster-fueled country tribute is a bit more progressive than some of his best-known songs from the last decade, but it comes with all you expect from the hitmaker.

Warmth replaces wit for "Off Road," a song Paisley wrote with Lee Thomas Miller and Ross Copperman. It's the first Paisley cut for Copperman, an established writer and producer who also helms this song from the control room, adding some gloss at the intro and polish throughout. The full team works together to tell of a woman who "ain't gonna stay in her lane."

"Off Road" is Paisley's first new song in 10 months. Last April, he released "No I in Beer," a song he tweaked and recorded as a soft response to the stresses of the pandemic. An inclusive music video that features dozens of Zoom calls between the singer and fans helped tell that story, and, ultimately, it became his highest-charting song in four years (No. 22 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart).

In January, Jimmie Allen announced a Brad Paisley collaboration as his new single. "Freedom Was a Highway" is part of the Bettie James EP.

Paisley's next studio album, which has not yet been announced, will be his 12th, and his first since Love and War (2017).

Off Road Cover Art
Sony Music Nashville

Brad Paisley's "Off Road" Lyrics:

Well, here she is, meet the star of this song / Hair up and high heels on / Hittin' traffic in Malibu / With Tennessee in the rearview / She didn't move out here to fail / She's gonna blaze a brand-new trail / Where anybody else might stop / When they run out of blacktop


She's a little off road / Gravel dust on her halo / I think you oughta know / If you wanna ride along, just hang on / Now where she's goin' ain't paved / She ain't lookin' for a highway / And she ain't gonna stay in her lane / 'Cause she's a little off road

She ain't the 5 or the 101 / She's a little more wild and a lot more fun / You wanna love her, well I tell you what / Trust me, boy, you better buckle up

Repeat Chorus

You see that mountain over there? / You see those tracks on the beach? / Yeah, she can go anywhere / Ain't nothin' outta reach / She's a little off road

Where she's goin' ain't paved / To hell with the highway / She ain't gonna stay in her lane / 'Cause she's a little off road

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