Bonnie Raitt has been in the music industry for over 40 years, but to promote her new single, "Gypsy in Me," and her upcoming new album, Dig in Deep, the singer is trying something new: her very first lyric video.

"Gypsy in Me" is all about Raitt's time on the road, and the accompanying lyric video, which fans can watch above, perfectly matches the song's lyrics. The clip makes viewers feel as though they're in the driver's seat as scenes of a road trip fly past the car's windows, with the track's lyrics cleverly etched onto roadside signs.

"Well, that highway moon is calling / Like some lover from some other land / Before the dust can settle / I'll kick it up and tear it down again / I got the wanderlust / Somewhere else or bust," Raitt sings before continuing into the track's chorus: "Yeah, I'm just a hello, goodbye / It's been good, and I must be going / Restless, I guess, when I'm one place for too long / I don't know why / But I'm like the wind, and I just keep blowing free / Must be / Gypsy in me."

Dig in Deep is set for release on Feb. 26; the album contains the most original material of any of Raitt's projects since 1998's Fundemental. The singer says that a lot of the inspiration for the disc came from losing her father, mother and brother within a few-years-long period.

“I had a decade of loss,” she says. “I was depleted, but like when your car runs out of battery and your friend pushes you, I got a push. My guitarist George Marinelli sent me the track "If You Need Somebody," and I got the wheels going. I knew I was going to write something about Dad, and it was going to be said, so I was glad to break that block.”

Dig in Deep is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.