Bonnie Raitt is opening up about the inspiration behind her upcoming album, Dig in Deep, which is set to be released in February.

Dig in Deep will be the iconic singer's 20th album, and Raitt says that the project was heavily framed by the losses of her father, mother and brother between 2004 and 2009.

"I had a decade of loss," Raitt tells Entertainment Weekly. "I was depleted, but like when your car runs out of battery and your friend pushes you, I got a push. My guitarist George Marinelli sent me the track "If You Need Somebody," and I got the wheels going. I knew I was going to write something about Dad, and it was going to be said, so I was glad to break that block."

While the disc definitely touches on hardship, Dig in Deep also includes some lighter, rocking tracks -- Raitt's attempts to keep the project more uptempo.

"We were feeling pretty frisky, I must say," Raitt explains. "There are a couple of those ballads, but I like to put together a collection the way you would put a show together. You don’t want to have people rushing to the doors weeping."

Dig in Deep contains Raitt's largest collection of original material in over two decades -- since the release of Fundamental in 1998. The project is a mark of growth for the singer, who says that her main goal in music has been to continue the evolution of her sound.

"I was only interested in doing this if I could continue to grow -- find new songs and new combinations of ways to play things," she says. "My role models were old R&B and blues artists, like Tony Bennett and my dad, [John Raitt]: artists who’ve gone into their older years growing richer. I’m modeling myself after them. People only get more interesting and deeper as they get older."

Dig in Deep is scheduled for release on Feb. 26. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

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