Blake Shelton"My name is Blake, and I'm a Twitter-holic."

If a 12-step program to address a Twitter addiction starts up, don't be surprised if Blake Shelton signs up as a charter member. The fast-fingered singer tells Baltimore DJ Laurie DeYoung (via CMTT), "Since I started tweeting I don't have as much time on my hands because any time I get a free moment I have all these random thoughts I want to share with the country."

Blake says he spends much of the day just responding to one of his many followers who've signed up to receive his tweets. "I normally throw out like one thought first thing in the morning and the rest of the day I spend explaining why I said that."

Among the thoughts he's tweeted recently, his opinions on PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have probably generated the most attention. And that's just the kind of good (but maybe not always so clean!) fun he likes to engage in on the site. "People are shocked by the things I say on there. Even last night some guy got on and there and said there's no way this can really be the real Blake Shelton."

Blake also jokes (maybe? maybe not!) that the next time you see him in concert he might "walk out on stage without a band or a guitar and just Twitter. Just a Twitter performance. As I do I'll say 'I am now going to write this response and then type it in, and then wait for applause.'"

That ought to get some interesting responses from Blake's followers - of both the Twitter and non-Twitter variety!

During the same interview, Blake also tackles the inevitable M&M question - Miranda and Marriage - saying of his relationship with girlfriend Miranda Lambert, "I think about ways I can avoid that subject ... For the most part I think we're miserable enough as it is together, so why take it to the next step and really become miserable!"

Blake's getting a jump on the new year already, he was recently named Country Weekly's Sexiest Guy for 2010.