Ever since Blake Shelton slipped that diamond-and-platinum engagement ring on Miranda Lambert's finger back in May, country fans have been itching for more wedding details. What will Miranda's wedding dress look like? What kind of reception will they have? What kind of food will they serve? So far, the couple have only hinted that they just want to have fun with it and keep it casual -- much like the down-home, country lifestyle the two of them share in Oklahoma. And that includes hunting.

"We're having deer meat served at our wedding -- we've already got a pile of 'em ready," Blake tells Us Magazine. "It was actually [Miranda's] idea. So when your girlfriend thinks like that, it makes it easy for me just to show up and have a good time!"

While Miranda's been planning the food for their upcoming nuptials, it seems Blake has been working on entertainment for the reception -- and it sounds like he's got something fun up his sleeve, even if he's not offering up many details.

"I got to pick some music and entertainment, and that's all I cared about," he teases. "We've got some surprise entertainment lined up that I'm really pumped about. I've decided this night I want to be a lot of fun. I don't want to call in favors. I just want to hire people that I want."

For her part, Miranda just wants more than anything to be Blake's wife ... for the rest of her life.

"I'm looking forward to getting married," she said after the Grammy nominations were announced earlier this month. "You know, just doing it. We've been engaged six months already now and it's kind of flown by. [I'm looking forward to] just taking that next step and becoming a woman, and moving on in life."

However, Blake and Miranda both agree they're in no hurry when it comes to parenthood.

"We've talked about a son enough that we say to each other, 'Let's not even talk about this right now, because neither of us is ready," Blake admits. "Of course, you never know what's going to happen ... but for now, it's not even something that's on our radar."

No wedding date has been officially announced but The Boot will have details when they become available!