Blake Shelton celebrated his CMA Male Vocalist win with a few days in the deer stand at his ranch in Tishomingo, Okla., and the good luck keeps rolling in for him. He bagged a big buck with his bow, and it looks to be, to our best estimation, a 12-point buck.

He tweeted a photo (left) of his new trophy, and wrote, "My land. My bow. My dream. My God!"

While Blake still has his notorious sense of humor in tact, it seems as though he is going through a time of great reflection over the past few months, beginning with his induction into the Grand Ole Opry, along with last week's CMA wins. He's taken on a more serious tone about hunting, as well, curbing his habit of slamming his Twitter-nemesis, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and instead defending his hobby in a more literal way.

"Hunters are the best conservationists that exist," says Blake. "A lot of organizations talk a good game about saving animals, but when it comes down to it, we're the only ones getting it done, spending millions of dollars every year on hunting and fishing licenses, constructing and preserving habitats."

Blake has nearly perfected bow-hunting, but he has offered a piece of advice to beginners for bagging a deer: "The best tip is to leave your truck windows rolled up while you're sitting in the truck and then turn the truck off and wait until the deer is walking out there in the open. Then slowly, slowly roll the window down and then put the gun out and [shoot]. Don't be in a hurry. If you have automatic windows they'll hear that. So just be slow as you can rolling down the truck window and maybe turning down the radio and the heat just long enough to get that perfect shot off. Definitely. That's what I would do."

The newly crowned Male Vocalist of the Year is currently scaling the country charts with his latest single, 'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking,' which is from his first greatest hits collection, 'Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton.' Watch him perform the song live in our studio below!


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