Blackberry Smoke have released a music video for their song "Rock and Roll Again."

The video, directed by Video Rahim, was shot in the band's hometown of Atlanta, Ga., and features some acts from the city's local music scene, in addition to the Blackberry Smoke guys. The retro, '70s-themed clip also features some of the group's family and friends ... and a few fans who showed their dedication to Blackberry Smoke by driving across the country to appear in the video.

"Rock and Roll Again" is off of Blackberry Smoke's most recent studio album, Holding All the Roses, which lead singer Charlie Starr says is different from the music the band has made before.

"We want to make a different record every time, if we can," Starr tells The Boot. "As a band, it’s so enjoyable to learn how to use the studio because the studio’s a different animal than playing live. It’s not an easy thing to capture live energy on tape, and some people beat their brains out trying to do it, and then a lot of people will learn that the studio itself is just a different instrument. You think of it, you go at it a different way.

"So I said, 'Well, we’d like to make a record that’s got more to listen to this time' — more textures, more tone, more light and shade, you know?" he continues. "And so that’s what we did. I think we achieved that."

Blackberry Smoke are currently out on tour; a complete list of their upcoming shows can be found on their website. Holding All the Roses can be purchased on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.