Billy Currington has dropped a new single, "Wake Me Up." Readers can press play below to hear the song.

Written by Josh Osborne, Jimmy Robbins and Ashley Gorley, "Wake Me Up" is a fast-paced tune and the third track on Currington's 2015 album Summer Forever. The song is the fifth single that Currington has released off of the record.

Switching things up from the mellow lyrics of Currington's most recent single, "It Don't Hurt Like It Used To," "Wake Me Up" features a pop-driven, upbeat melody. Instead of detailing recovering from a breakup, Currington is singing about being dead-gone on a girl who might not be sure.

"If you get to wonderin’ if I’m all alone / If I’m ‘bout to go out, if I’m stayin’ home / Baby, don’t hesitate / Go on and pick up the phone / Don’t matter what time it is," the second verse beckons, leading into a driving chorus: "You ain’t gonna wake me up / Call me up when you’re lonely / You ain’t gonna wake me up / ‘Cause I’m up, and I’m only / Thinkin’ ‘bout wakin’ up with you ...

"I miss you, I wish you’d / Come on and drive me crazy," the chorus of "Wake Me Up" continues. "It ain’t ever too late, baby / You ain’t gonna wake me up / You ain’t gonna wake me up." 

"Wake Me Up" will officially impact country radio on Sept. 11, but it's available for download now. Currington is currently working his way across the nation on his Stay Up 'Til the Sun tour while working on a new album. Tour and song download information are available on his website.

Listen to Billy Currington's "Wake Me Up"

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