Many country music fans may best know Anderson East as Miranda Lambert's new beau, but he, too, is a singer and, like his famous girlfriend, has a track on producer Dave Cobb's upcoming Southern Family concept album. The project isn't due out until mid-March, but East's contribution has been released, along with a music video.

Southern Family will expound on the role that country artists' genetics, memories and relationships play in their music. East's contribution, written with his friend, Aaron Raitiere, is about his relationship with his father.

"[My father] was always there, and so supportive," East tells Rolling Stone Country. "If I showed interest in something, he was there to add something to it: to take me to baseball games, or coach little league. And he bought me my first guitar."

East's father encouraged his son to chase his dreams, which led the artist to Nashville at 17. "Learning" is about that move, and its corresponding video, shot just outside of Nashville, focuses on East singing at a dive bar rather than being flashy.

"That's the attitude I approach everything with. I don't want there to be a lot of dressing on anything," East explains. "Just an honest representation of the music."

Southern Family is available for pre-order now. It is set for release on March 18.

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