Amos Lee will release a new studio album next week, but he's letting readers of The Boot preview another new track before it is available to the public.

'Mountains of Sorrow' is the track from which Lee's fifth studio album, 'Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song,' draws its title. The musician recorded in Nashville with his road band for the new project, working with producer Jay Joyce. After tracking the song, they both felt something was initially missing  from 'Mountains of Sorrow.' It was Lee's idea to ask Patty Griffin to sing with him on the track.

"I love what she does," he states. "I love the way she writes and the way she sings, and I knew that Jay had worked with her before, and that her piano is in that studio. So I just figured I'd ask Jay, 'Hey man, if Patty would be into singing on this, that'd be great. If she doesn't want to, that's cool, too, but I love what she does.'"

Griffin agreed, and the resulting track was exactly what Lee was hoping for. "I think she brought the song to a whole other level, which is what I thought she would do," he states. "So it was pretty cool. You bring people in who you trust and admire, and just let them do what they do."

'Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song' is the follow-up to Lee’s acclaimed 2011 album ‘Mission Bell,’ which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Rock Albums charts, and featured the No. 1 hit single ‘Windows Are Rolled Down.’ The new album is set for release on Oct. 8 via Blue Note Records. It is currently available for pre-order at iTunes.

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