With a new lineup in place and a tour on the calendar, new music is on the horizon for American Aquarium. As fans await the new tunes, the band's frontman, BJ Barham, has shared an acoustic version of one of those new songs. Readers can press play above to hear "'Til the Final Curtain Falls.”

Barham's acoustic performance of "'Til the Curtain Falls" -- recently posted to the band’s Twitter account -- is a simple, sweet rendition of the song. Barham’s unique voice and quality picking lend an extra hint of tenderness to the track, which is all about the kind of love that lasts a lifetime -- or as Barham puts it, “until the final curtain falls.”

It’s been a tumultuous year for American Aquarium: The band has seen members come and go throughout its years, but its most recent lineup completely disbanded back in April.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to play with new people who are energized. That’s how American Aquarium’s sound has evolved,” Barham tells The Boot of the newly assembled American Aquarium. “I’m still here, I’m still writing the songs, but the people on the record have always changed. This is American Aquarium 13.0.”

American Aquarium will head out on the road on Aug. 31, with plans to tour the country through October. Later this fall, the band will head back into the studio to record their newest album, which is tentatively expected to arrive early next year.

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