Alison Krauss is giving fans an early listen to one of the songs from her upcoming album, Windy City. Click play below to listen to the somber and introspective "River in the Rain."

Like the nine other tracks on Windy City, "River in the Rain" is a previously recorded song that's given new life thanks to Krauss' Americana / bluegrass stylings. The tune, written and originally sung by beloved Nashville singer-songwriter Roger Miller, is melancholy and introspective, about the destruction and rebirth that can come from winding rivers and ceaseless rain.

"Sometimes in a time of trouble / When you're out of hand, and your muddy bubbles / Roll across my floor / Carryin' away the things I treasure / Hell, there ain't no way to measure / Why I love you more than I did the day before," sings Krauss in the chorus of "River in the Rain." "River in the rain / Sometimes at night, you look like a long white train / Winding your way away from me / River, I've never seen the sea."

It's Krauss' soulful vocals that stand out on "River in the Rain;" they're perfectly complemented by a sparse musical arrangement and twangy slide guitar. In Krauss' deft hands, "River in the Rain" receives the bluegrass revival it deserves and opens the track up to a whole new audience.

"River in the Rain" is one of 10 tracks on Krauss' forthcoming studio album, which also features classic country tunes originally by Willie Nelson and Bill MonroeWindy City will be released on Feb. 17 and is available for pre-order now.

Listen to Alison Krauss, "River in the Rain":

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