"Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine" singer Ashland Craft is set to release her debut album, Travelin’ Kind, this fall. The record, on which a press release says she “reclaims the road,” is due out on Sept. 3.

Travelin’ Kind, appropriately titled after Craft’s often-on-the-road lifestyle, tells the story of where the singer comes from and where she is headed. "I think it was important for me to start the story from the beginning until now," Craft shared with American Songwriter.

“And so, it was only appropriate to name it Travelin’ Kind," she adds. "In my head, that was an ideal title because that’s me right now. It’s what I’m doing and what I will be [doing] for a while."

As far as the album's sound, Craft says she it simple to ensure that the music itself is representative of who she is as well. “I’m proud of the fact that it’s organic and a little more old-school than the modern country in the way we produced it,” she says.

“We didn’t use any tracks or extra things. We just let the music speak for itself," she continues. "And I feel like it turned out to represent me very well and who I am, and I’m excited for people to get to hear it and connect to it."

Travelin’ Kind features 11 songs from Craft’s perspective as she headed to Tennessee to continue pursuing her dream (after making it to the Top 10 on NBC’s The Voice in 2017, the singer moved to Nashville in 2019). Jonathan Singleton produced the project, and Craft says she's a huge fan of his.

"I could list songs off on two hands that I loved on the radio growing up," she says, "that, come to find out, Jonathan wrote."

Full details on Travelin' Kind are below.

Ashley Craft Album Art
Courtesy of Big Loud Records

Ashley Craft, Travelin' Kind Tracklist:

1. “Travelin' Kind” (Ashland Craft, Erik Dylan)
2. “Your Momma Still Does” (Jenna LaMaster, Jonathan Singleton)
3. “Leavin' You Again” (Ashland Craft, Jenna LaMaster, Faren Rachels)
4. “Make It Past Georgia” (Ashland Craft, Reid Isbell, Willie Morrison)
5. “Last 20 Dollars” (Ashland Craft, Wyatt Beasley Durrette, III, Jonathan Singleton)
6. “Highway Like Me" (feat. Marcus King) (Ashland Craft, Jessi Alexander, Reid Isbell)
7. “Mimosas in the Morning” (Ashland Craft, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jonathan Singleton)
8. “Day By Day” (Tori Allen, Corey Grogan)
9. “Letcha Fly” (Ashland Craft, Willie Morrison, Lee Starr)
10. “Come Down” (Ashland Craft, Adam Hood, Rob Snyder)
11. “That's the Kinda Place” (Ashland Craft, Rodney Clawson, Jonathan Singleton)

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