Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci made history tonight by becoming the first couple to be married onstage during the Academy of Country Music Awards. Before the ceremony, a video of their love story, which included a clip of Martina McBride, was shown, telling the couple's inspiring love story.

As the music began for Martina's duet with Train's Pat Monahan for the bride and groom's wedding song, 'Marry Me,' the couple appeared with their officiant to exchange vows behind the singers. Martina and Pat stole the spotlight long enough to trade their lines, but quickly let the focus return to the procession behind them. While the majority of their vows were left private, as well as their lighting of a unity candle, the music died down long enough for us to hear their "I will"s and witness their first kiss. (Watch it below.)

Watch the ACM Awards Wedding

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The romantic, yet public, event was the brainchild of the songstress. "It was an idea that popped in my head out of nowhere after I was invited to sing 'Marry Me' on the ACM Awards. My manager called and told me and I thought, 'Of course, I'd love to sing on the show. Let's do a live wedding on the show!'" Martina told The Boot. "I didn't say it out loud because I thought it was a really crazy idea, then a couple of days went by and I thought, 'It is a crazy idea, but it's worth just throwing it out there.' [laughs] I think it's so special."

The ACM found a number of couples and sent their stories to Martina, who handpicked the new Mr. and Mrs. Tucci. In 2009, Christina lost her first husband, Paul, in a tragic drowning accident, leaving her to raise their two sons, Stephen and Paul, on her own. In July of that same year, Frank's wife Danielle succumbed to thyroid cancer, making him a single parent to their son, Frankie.

"Their story is obviously tragic, but the fact that they've found each other, and the fact that both of their spouses died in the same year, and they both had small children ... it was inspiring," says Martina. "There is always hope that comes out of even the worst, most devastating situations."

You can learn more about Frank and Christina's story, including the cute way he proposed, here, and watch a video of the two below.

Watch Christina and Frank Talk About Their Wedding

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