The ACM Awards' honors for 2013 Song and Single of the Year both went to the tearjerking "Over You." The tune's songwriters, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton accepted the Song trophy for the tune together. The couple penned the touching lyrics about the ACM Awards co-host's late brother.

"Last time this happened, you didn't get a chance to talk and you're not going to get a chance this time either," Blake said to Miranda during their acceptance speech, referencing their CMA win in the same category. "I'll tell you something, I've learned so much from this human being standing next to me, a lot of things about myself. She blows me away ... I used to think I was a decent songwriter until I started hanging out with her, and she really taught me how to write a good song and this is proof of it. Thank you so much baby, I love you."

The "Mama's Broken Heart" singer may not have had a chance to speak after winning Song of the Year, but she made up for it when she accepted the Single of the Year award solo.

"As a songwriter, having your songs and your lyrics be recognized by your peers is pretty much as good as it gets," Miranda told the crowd. "I'm so thankful for being in this genre of country music. Every single time someone is nominated, I just cheer because I love everybody to death. But thank you for accepting me as a songwriter and not just a singer and a performer because that means so much to me."

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