Blake Shelton is itching to share the news of his new 2013 ACM Awards co-host, succeeding longtime emcee Reba McEntire. However, "The Voice" coach and the Academy of Country Music have given the power to the people. In order to unlock the name, as well as the date of this year's ceremony, fans can access Twitter through the ACM's website and once 25,000 tweets are counted, the info will be revealed.

The "Over" singer is keeping mum for the most part, though he does drop a few hints about his new co-host in a video on the ACM site. "I do know that this particular artist is a fan favorite, to the point where I'm starting to feel the pressure of this person's stardom creeping up into my territory," Blake says. "I'm hoping to use this opportunity as co-hosting with this person to completely disrupt and derail this person's career. Look, it's desperate times and I had to take what I could get. Don't hold it against me when you find out who this person is co-hosting."

In September, Reba admitted that after 14 years of helming the ACM Awards, she'd "pass the torch" to her fellow Okie, who co-hosted with her for the past two years. Blake understands the plight of the superstar -- who is now starring in ABC's "Malibu Country" -- but discusses how difficult it was to replace her.

"Those are big shoes to fill and I didn't want to do this thing by myself," he explains. "To find somebody equal to that level of stardom, we pretty much gave up. So, we set the bar down a little bit lower. We decided we could find somebody that is just good looking, and we fell short on that goal. So starting over, we set the bar a little bit lower and finally thought, 'If we can just get somebody that can read.' This is country music, (so) that's narrowing the field down."

While a good guess might be Mrs. Shelton, Miranda Lambert, we're not so sure she will be taking over Reba's mic, especially given Blake's joke about the secret co-host's looks. So who is it? Make your guesses in the 'Add a Comment' section below, and find out how to tweet through the ACM site, unlocking the co-host's name, here.

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