Aaron Lee Tasjan will combine "interstellar pop, vintage glam, '90s Anglophilia and psychedelic rock 'n' roll" on his forthcoming fourth studio album, the peppily titled Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! The singer, songwriter and producer announced the new project with the release of its first single, "Up All Night."

"Half party anthem, half cautionary tale," according to Tasjan, "Up All Night" reflects what Tasjan says are his three biggest life worries: His financial situation ("Saved up all my money and blew all my money"), his romantic relationships ("Broke up with my boyfriend to go out with my girlfriend") and his health ("I went to the doctor, she said, 'You might have a problem'") are each the subject of a verse.

"Stayin’ up all night, it could be good or it could be bad for you / It’s gonna be alright or it won’t be," Tasjan sings in the chorus, in a vocal style reminiscent of a Tom Petty song over a synthy melody:

"It’s inspired by the times I’ve wondered if I need to get help with my drinking and what it meant that I was worrying about things in the first place?” Tasjan explains of the new song. "For me, this song says that there’s no escaping being alive. Worrying is part of life, just like having a good time or even too good of a time."

Due out on Feb. 5, Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! features 11 tracks co-produced by the artist -- formerly of the glam rock band Semi Precious Weapons -- and Gregory Lattimer. The pair kept the record a secret from Tasjan's record label, New West Records, as they recorded it.

"No one likes to feel singled out. I've encountered this feeling many times in my life, including being in line at a drive-thru window in a small town in Ohio and experienced homophobic verbal abuse and harassment after I parked to eat," Tasjan shares. "Be kind to each other, friends, and when our world is back to normal, come meet me at my favorite bar, which I've raised just high enough to let in everyone."

Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! is available for pre-order and to pre-save now. The album's cover and tracklist are below.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Tasjan Tasjan Tasjan
New West Records

Aaron Lee Tasjan, Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! Tracklist:

1. "Sunday Women"
2. "Computer of Love"
3. "Up All Night"
4. "Another Lonely Day"
5. "Don't Overthink It"
6. "Cartoon Music"
7. "Feminine Walk"
8. "Dada Bois"
9. "Now You Know"
10. "Not That Bad"
11. "Got What I Wanted"

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