The Zac Brown Band's soon-to-be-released album, 'You Get What You Give,' may feature high-powered guest stars including Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, but Zac and his band mates haven't lost their down-to-earth attitude.

"We love our fans and are very connected with our fans," Zac Brown tells The Boot, lamenting that his current packed schedule hasn't allowed him to spend as much extra time with fans as he'd like. "I just hope everybody stays with us. We are not trying to be snobs or jerks. We are in a whirlwind trying to figure out the best way to be accessible. [People think] we have changed. We haven't."

The musicianship showcased in songs on the new project, which will be released September 21, hasn't changed much either.

"If you like 'The Foundation,' you will like this," ZBB fiddle player Jimmy DeMartini tells The Boot, referring to the band's groundbreaking 2008 release. "It's the same kind of formula -- some jam, some country radio, some beach songs - just a good mixture."

But don't think the new album is a replica of 'The Foundation.' Consider the songs on that album as, well, a foundation from which they built the songs for their new album. Buzz worthy tracks include the somber piano-driven early fan favorite 'Colder Weather,' the reggae-sounding 'Who Knows,' the harmony-laced 'As She's Walking Away' (featuring Alan Jackson), and 'Knee Deep' (featuring Jimmy Buffett).

"It's representative of where we are now," Jimmy says of the diverse sounds. "We are always evolving."

Those who pre-order the album can get a download of the first single, 'As She's Walking Away.' There are also plenty of packages with extras -- such as t-shirts and copies of Zac's own 'Southern Ground Cookbook.'

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