Zac Brown is a man of many talents. As a renowned chef, the Zac Brown Band frontman finds this time of year extra special, as he gets to cook up his famous Thanksgiving feast, a masterpiece that he would "put up against anybody's spread."

Zac looks forward to the weekend following the holiday just as much, but it's not for enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers. That time is for Zac and his wife, Shelly, to host their annual Zac Brown Band crew/friend/family feast, all done with a Southern twist, of course!

"I always smoke a whole rib-eye instead of doing turkey because everybody's turkey'd out by then," Zac tells The Boot. "We smoke some serious meat on those days; whole rib eyes that have been injected, rubbed and smoked all night long."

And fans can get in on the delicious action, too. The Zac Brown Band are notorious for their Eat-and-Greets, intimate fan parties held before their live shows, featuring huge spreads of Southern comfort food -- most of which come from Zac's own recipes. "I don't like cooking just for myself; I enjoy feeding other people, particularly outdoors," Zac tells Parade Magazine. "There's something so comforting about eating outside, especially when there's nice fall weather, like now. I have an outdoor kitchen at home in Georgia, and I try to never eat inside.

"I imagine having a bowl while sitting by a blaze, a [Kris] Kristofferson song playing out on crisp Black Diamond Strings while the crickets chime in," he continues. "Later, frogs will do a cover of the Oak Ridge Boys as cedar logs crackle in the fire. That's when the world feels right."

Get Zac's Campfire Chili recipe from Parade here.

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