Willie Nelson (@willienelson) may just be the most active 76-year-old on all of Twitter. So when The Boot (@thebootdotcom) started brainstorming with the music icon's camp on something fun to do to help announce the release of his new album, 'American Classic,' we came up with the idea of discussing the new project over the wildly popular social networking site.

That's where you came in. Fans solicited tons of questions via Twitter and email for our chat with Willie. With your help, The Boot presents our first ever "Twitterview" -- an online conversation with one of the biggest names in all of music history. In this live chat, which happened on Tuesday (Aug. 25) -- the day his new album hit stores -- Willie 'tweeted' about music, movies and his humorous take on retirement.

Hi Willie! We're sitting here listening to your awesome new 'American Classic' CD. How are you?

Aloha From Maui! Thanks to everyone for your questions today.

How is Hawaii?

Paradise as usual!

How did choosing songs for 'American Classic' differ from your 'Stardust' album of standards? (via @therealamee)

One of the differences was Tommy LiPuma put this band together with these great musicians.

'Fly Me to the Moon' is my favorite on this album. Who's the last person you said, 'I love you' to? (Katherine, San Diego)

My wife, Annie!

Cool picture on the new album cover! Where was it taken? (John, Montgomery, Ala.)

At my ranch in Austin. Danny Clinch was the photographer.

Is a goal of this album to get younger fans to appreciate finer music? (Neal, Phoenix)

The goal of this album was to make great music. Young people enjoying it is a bonus.

Willie, please finish this sentence: "Retirement is ____ ." (Andrea, Dunwoody, Ga.)

What I have done all my life.

Now that's funny! Please don't ever retire. The music world needs you! OK, next question is from Greg in New York:

I hear you're going on tour with Dave Matthews. What's your favorite song of his?

'Gravedigger.' Check out the video!

Awesome video indeed! (Watch it here: http://bit.ly/26TwpB)

Also, Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real, my son's band, will be opening for Dave.

We've heard great things about them. How do you describe their sound?

Rock, folk, Latin, country ... They have had all influences in their life, and it comes out in their music.

How long have you had that guitar with the hole in it -- the one we always see you playing? (Lonnie, Gambier, Ohio)

I've had Trigger since the '60s.

Will you be making any movies soon? (via @KIMinOK)

Just moved to a new agency, will be moving forward on some films soon.

What's your favorite golf course, besides the Pedernales Golf Club, of course? (Scott, Nashville, Tenn.)

On my bus with my Wii game ... My favorite is St. Andrews!

Tell us about your "secret" show in Hawaii!

It will start with Gail Swanson, then my son's band, Promise of the Real, then Band of Horses, then me! We will be covering cuts from the album and some of my other songs, with the Tommy Conway Band. And my son's playing with me, as well.

Very cool. And here's where everyone can find out more about the show: http://www.myspace.com/secretshows. It's been great chatting with you, Willie. We absolutely love 'American Classic'!

Great name! Thanks for all your questions. Hope you can pick up my new album, and Aloha everyone!

After our "Twitterview," The Boot picked up the telephone and had a more old-fashioned conversation with Willie about the new album, a new movie role, his upcoming tour and his newfound 'health nut' ways. You can read our candid chat with him here.