Willie Nelson is putting a new spin on some old favorites. The 75-year-old country icon releases 'Naked Willie' this week -- a compilation of stripped-down re-recordings of 17 hits from his his pre-Outlaw movement days.

"There's songs that I've had, good songs, that never got their due," Nelson tells Rolling Stone of his decision to resurrect these tunes.

The new versions of the songs, whose original versions span from 1966 - 1970, were stripped of background vocals and most orchestration, putting the focus on Nelson's haunting voice. The album was produced by his longtime harmonica player, Mickey Raphael.

To get a taste of the different sound of these re-recordings, here's one of our favorite tracks from the new album, 'Happiness Lives Next Door,' followed by its original version from the 1970 album, 'Laying My Burdens Down.'

Listen to 'Happiness Lives Next Door' (from 'Naked Willie')

Listen to 'Happiness Lives Next Door' (from 'Laying My Burdens Down')