Willie Nelson will not have to wait for any movie company to send him a script since he's formed his own company, titled Luck Films, that will feature projects for him to star in and produce. The singer-songwriter-actor has paired with actor-producer Kerry Wallum and a few others to produce three to five films a year for the company based out of Luck, Texas, according to Variety.

Along with entertainment movies, the company is also looking to produce music specials, documentary films for TV and subscription Internet streaming, mostly costing under $3 million. The first two films scheduled to head into production are 'Shootout of Luck' and 'The Dry Gulch Kid.' Both will star the Country Music Hall of Famer, and will feature his music.

The 76-year-old has had roles in such films as 'Honeysuckle Rose,' 'The Electric Horseman,' 'The Red-headed Stranger' and the big-screen version of 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' and his music has been featured in more than 100 films or television shows.

The next time Willie will be featured on the big screen will be as the voice of Sage in the forthcoming animated film, 'The Wild Bunch,' about a crop of plants and herbs trying to save their plot of land from being overtaken by genetically-enhanced plants. In the meantime, the legendary performer is out on the road with shows scheduled through the end of September, including a tour of the United Kingdom in June.

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