Willie Nelson has been the victim of an online death hoax twice in recent months, but thankfully, the 81-year-old country legend is still very much alive and well.

MSMBC, a fake news site designed to confuse unsuspecting readers with a name similar to MSNBC, reports that Nelson was found dead in his Maui home, as confirmed by police. The site goes on to report that the home's groundskeeper found the singer on the front lawn and immediately called 911, even going so far as to quote a detective, who says, "There was no evidence of drug abuse or alcohol and no signs of foul play."

At the bottom of the article, a disclaimer states that the story is still developing and "all information is not yet officially verified."

While this news may be upsetting to fans not familiar with the misleading site, Snopes.com reports that Nelson's death claim is very much a prank. Apparently, the fake site first published a false report stating that the famous musician had passed away on Feb. 21, 2015, and then updated it again this past weekend (April 11-12), starting a new slew of rumors.

"No legitimate news outlet has reported on Nelson's death, which is not surprising since Nelson himself is actually alive and well and planning to invest in a chain of recreational pot stores in states where marijuana is now legal," Snopes.com says.

So, fans can rest assured that while he's already lived for eight decades, Nelson is definitely still kicking. As Snopes.com mentions, Nelson will soon launch his own line of marijuana-related products called Willie's Reserve. He also recently announced Django & Jimmie, a collaborative record with friend Merle Haggard, will release a memoir in May and is set to star in a new movie.

The "On the Road Again" hitmaker is just one of several celebrities to be targeted in this type of death hoax. Fellow country star Reba McEntire was reported dead in January 2012; the report stated that she fell more than 100 feet in a remote area of the Hahnenkamm mountains while on set filming a movie.

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